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Advanced features: In the free version of Grindr it is possible to select only one tribe, while more than one with Grindr Extra for a fee. With the premium version, profiles can also be selected by ethnicity, physical appearance, location, etc.

Grindr Extra allows, among other things, to search only among men online. Very useful function for those who want to turn the day and want to do it right away.

Bumble is a particular app for two reasons: 1) it is the woman who has to make the first move and has only 24 hours to do it 2) it also allows you to just look for a friendship.

The 24-hour limit is a very interesting feature, because it destroys delays or matches that never lead to direct contact, which are instead the rule in dating apps like Tinder. In heterosexual matches, only the woman has the power to come forward and she has to do it quickly.

Empower women? Yes, somehow. Unwanted acquaintances and harassing users are avoided. But, of course, you never know what is behind a photo. In homosexual matches, either of the two users can come forward, again within 24 hours.

Another noteworthy feature is the Bumble BFF function, dedicated to those who just want to make friends, without sexual or sentimental implications.

Advanced Features: The paid Bumble Boost feature is used to find out which users have shown interest in your profile, which allows you to prioritize them if desired.

Feeld is an app dedicated to group meetings. To be clear, it is used to organize erotic appointments with several people, from the ménage à trois up.

You can register as an individual or as a couple. To look for people willing to make group meetings, just choose one or more options among those available:

The settings section of your profile is very accurate: you can precisely indicate the details of each user, if you are a couple. Nick, age, gender, sexual orientation, interests and desires. In the interests you can insert some specific tags commonly used in the community of group meetings. For example, for threesomes, you can indicate “threesome” and tags for your preferred sexual combination, such as “MMF” (male + male + female) or “FFM” (female + female + male).

In the list of the 7 best dating apps I have not included some of the commonly used platforms.

The first dating app you should never sign up for is Lovoo, even if it’s free. Very high density of fake profiles and human cases on the desperate andante. I never had the courage to do anything, and whoever did it told me they regretted it.

Looking for an interesting partner on Lovoo is like looking for diamonds in a garage. In short, it is definitely the wrong place.

It reaches slimy levels like only on Badoo in the late 2000s. Know that Lovoo and Badoo don’t have the double “o” in the name. Those two circles are actually the balls that fall into them as soon as you enter them.

I love Meetic’s TV commercials, but the tool is at least questionable. Long-standing platform, first landed online with the desktop version and later on mobile, it has no free functionality. Rates starting from € 59.94 for 6 months. Is it really worth it? The answer is up to you. It depends on the use you want to make of it.

Meetic would give the possibility of not fossilizing on easy sex on demand. As if to say, the subscription itself would lead to a more specific use, aimed at the search for a romantic relationship, and not the Tuesday night fuck (which can be obtained with other free apps).

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